Vegetable - Fruit and Citrus Transportation

Vegetable and fruit transportation is a task that requires professionalism

Vegetable and fruit transportation is a task that requires professionalism. Vegetables and fruits must be delivered to the right address timely and by following correct loading methods since they are perishable products. Our firm, which has been providing vegetable and fruit transportation services since 2002, is a reliable logistic firm that has been providing vehicles with required specifications to any part of the world.

RAMTAŞ, who provides lorries and trucks with required specifications to merchandise brokers, merchandisers, transporters in markets and other parties in need, and who meets any requirement in vegetable-fruit transportation, is listed at the top of the list of preferences thanks to its large vehicle fleet. You may deliver vegetables and fruits to relative addresses timely and under most suitable conditions, and may obtain a quality logistic service by vehicles you require and by most economic prices. Our vehicles are equipped with required specifications in terms of preservation of vegetables and fruits from environment conditions, maintenance of the same against impacts and damages, stowage resistance, and protection against humidity and pressure.