Deficiency SRC inspection causes unfair competition!

Due to deficiency of inspection in the field of hazardous material transportation, unfair competition occurs between those, who carry cargos according to the standards of ADR, and those, who do not act according to ADR. Hazardous materials must be carried according to international practices. Logistic firms must have qualifications required to carry hazardous materials, and drivers of firms must have SRC 5 training certificate, and required trainings must have been taken recently. Ramtaş wishes to declare that it is a prerequisite for the logistic firms of European buyers to perform transportation tasks according to relative rules and standards.

Hazardous materials must be transported according to international practices.

Transportation of Flammable and Hazardous Materials

Flammable and Hazardous materials must be in conformity with SRC and ADR transportation systems. Transportation by ADR refers to the body of rules that must be followed in order to ensure that any type of hazardous materials are carried safely by land.
Therefore, rules and certificate for transportation by ADR must be available in order to transport hazardous and flammable materials. Also, certain certificates are required to carry flammable materials by land under the name of hazardous material transportation. Persons, who shall transport flammable materials by land, must have SRC5 truck driver’s license for carriage of hazardous materials. Our firm, which performs transportation tasks according to ADR, lays emphasis on trust and provision of best transportation services at all times.