Temperature Controlled Transportation

Medical transportation is assessed under the roof of medical transportation service. As in the case of food materials that require transportation conditions to be satisfied carefully, drugs and drug raw materials constitute one of the the most sensitive product groups, which require the biggest amount of care during carriage and logistics procedures.

There are many items that are used in the health sector for cold drug and drug raw materials transportation. Various different drug materials, such as drugs, drug raw materials, pills, serums and other medical products etc., must be transported by paying attention to the adjustment of temperatures.

Almost all of the medical products must be temperature controlled completely at any stage of production, storage and distribution. Although any error that shall be made may risk high value products, it shall also threat public health and patient safety. Due to this sensitivity of the sector, it constitutes the priority of RAMTAŞ, who is also assertive about Refrigerated Transportation by its custom design vehicles that are certificated by PHARMA SOLUTIONS (GDP COMPLIANT), to deliver products right on time. In the field of medical logistics, RAMTAŞ may meet special requirements of medical transportation tasks by a 100% stable specification for transportation temperature. RAMTAŞ has a large fleet that may be used for TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED EXPRESS deliveries, and it also has DOUBLE DECK VEHICLES MONITORED BY SATELLITE and vehicles with COMPARTMENTS.

RAMTAŞ ensures that products that must be preserved in cold temperatures are transported by being preserved in temperatures from +25 C to -25 C. RAMTAŞ is engaged in transportation of various products that must be preserved in cold temperatures, such as drugs, chemical products and foods etc.