About Us

About Ramtaş

We benefit from our Operational Specialization, Technology and High-Capacity Vehicle network in order to define transport and handling problems of our customers.

As RAMTAŞ family, we guarantee that we shall meet future service expectations of our customers. In consideration of changing demands and global economic environment, we invested in people, new technologies and vehicles in order to ensure that our customers achieve the goals they targeted. "Team RAMTAŞ" guarantees to exceed customer expectations. This is the actual reason why most of our customers relied on us until today with a promise to have long lasting business relationship.

Our Mission

- To provide not only efficient, but also reliable and cost effective full truck loading solutions,
- To gain the trust of our valuable customers by working on the basis of honesty and truthfulness completely.

Our Vision

In “RAMTAŞ”, each task is observed as an opportunity to establish long-term relations. It takes only a contract to prove that RAMTAŞ is a unique Logistics Company. Our vision is to become the most preferred and competitive logistics solution provide by our customers.
We shall focus more on environment protection, cost effectiveness and productivity growth with the development of fleet size, as well as Comprehensive Driver Training on Road Safety and Fleet Management, and we shall aim to establish sustainable business collaborations with all of our partners. A prosperous future…

Why should you choose RAMTAŞ?

- Reduction of high freight costs incurred by customers.
- Single contact point for customers.
- Better supply chain management thanks to single point coordination.
- Management system that increases efficiency and that conforms to ISO standards.
- Strict dependence to rules determined by the company.
- Transparency of procedures.
- Effective logistics services that aim to ensure cargos are delivered rapidly and timely.
- Flexible transportation solutions consistent with the requirements of customers.
- Online monitoring of cargo and vehicle tracking system.
- Timely delivery.

We owe our existence to large Companies and multinational firms that address various sectorial segments, such as Medical, Vegetables-Fruits-Citrus, Chemicals, Textile, Finance and Information Technology etc., and that believe deeply in specialized working solutions.

Today, world is characterized by global changes. Today, transformation of global economy from old to new concepts changed the way businesses are conducted, and brought in new dimensions. Online Monitoring of Cargo and Vehicle Tracking System is the last stage that Today, we endeavour to provide end-to-end logistics solutions to our customers under a single roof.
Latest version of the Online Monitoring of Cargo and Vehicle Tracking System is used in order to provide the best possible service to our customers.