What is intermodal transportation?

Intermodal Transportation is a model of transportation that is performed by using minimum two different models of transportation without changing transportation containers. As one of the transportation companies of Turkey, we provide most economic and environmentalist solutions to our customers within optimum transit periods by decreasing costs. Below you may find most basic combinations that we use;

- Road + RO-RO + Railway
- Road + Railway

Final point of destination of cargo, its level of emergency, and climatic and economic factors play a determining role in choosing the model that shall be used. Hence, carbon emission is decreased by decreasing consumption of fossil fuels.


- Provides a reliable transit period.
- Effected from external factors (Intensity of Border Gate and Traffic) less in comparison to road.
- Provides more competitive prices in comparison to other transportation models.
- Depends on human factor in minimum.
- Reliable.
- Environmentalist.