Fresh And Frozen Food Transportation

What is cold chain? Why is it important?

“Temperature” is a very critical parameter in protection of various sensitive foods, such as meat, milk, fishes and frozen products etc. Temperature changes trigger production of microorganisms and cause the physical, sensorial and chemical structures of products to deteriorate. Therefore, in order to prevent production of microorganisms and to maintain freshness of foods, cold chain must not be broken at any stage from production to consumption.

It actually is a great responsibility to protect any food product under suitable temperature during carriage and storage period, which passes until producers transfer such products to consumers. Temperature becomes even more important in preservation of various perishable foods, such as meat, milk, fishes and frozen products etc. This is because undesired temperature changes and unhygienic conditions cause production of microorganisms. Communication channels must be used much more efficiently in spreading producer and consumer awareness with the knowledge that the issue is very much related with human health. As consumers, we come face to face with the fact that omissions that seem harmless may cause irrecoverable wastes and health problems.

In RAMTAŞ, we ensure that the transportation of various products, which require special methods of carriage to be used, and the process of transfer of various products to consumers, such as fresh and frozen foods, fishes, sea foods, drugs and drug raw materials, chocolates, milk and diary products, bakery products, raw vegetables and fruits etc., are performed under required temperature conditions in the direction of demands made by customers. We produce cost effective solutions to our customers by providing value added solutions according to incoming demands, by shortening the delivery process via suitable routes, and by minimising operational expenses. Products that are used the most in sold food transportation are meat and meat products (white meat and red meat), milk and diary products and other food materials, which are carried in temperatures between +4 and +8.

RAMTAŞ ensures that products that must be preserved in cold temperatures are transported by being preserved in temperatures from +25 C to -25 C. It constitutes the priority of RAMTAŞ, who is also assertive about Refrigerated Transportation by its custom design vehicles, to deliver products right on time.

In order to preserve freshness and quality of these products, they must be transported by refrigerated vehicles that are equipped by THERMOKING, that hold FRC and ATP certificates, and that are insulated accordingly.