Green Company

Environment Management System

ISO 14001 Environment Management System is a systematic approach that ensures realization of production in any production sector in consideration of environmental effects in any step that passes from the first stage of product till its presentation to consumers. ISO 14001 is an international standard that defines a method for controlling and improving the environmental performance of any company, i.e. that defines the process for formation of the same.

ISO 14000 series of standards are Environment Management Standards developed by ISO Standard Development Committee TC207. These series of standards are designed to cover any environmental issues related with institutions, and it is used as a reference for institutions to determine the priority of environmental effects, to manage and control such effects.

ISO 14001 Environment Management System is a management model that is established based on risk analyses and that aims to decrease usage of natural resources, to minimize damages that are given to soil, water and air.

Green Fleet

It constitutes the part of the environmentalist fleet, which conforms to EN 12642 standards, all of which are EURO 5 and EURO 6, and which are 4 years old in average.

Green Office

Separation of Food Wastes

Recyclable wastes out of wastes that are produced in the refractory are separated, and thus, recycling is supported.

Paper Consumption

Paper consumption is determined on the basis of departments, and special solutions are produced in order to decrease paper consumption. Each tons of paper that is recycled prevents cutting 17 trees. Those 17 trees satisfy oxygen requirement of 144 persons.